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Publish Catalog

Publish catalogs online. Inspire visitors. Sell more.

We help brands publish their catalogs online to deliver beautiful shoppable experiences.

  • Intuitive Navigation
    When it comes to online publications, users spend most of their time browsing through pages. We wanted to create a digital publication that people love to use, so we focused on making sure that swiping through pages and zooming in would be an incredibly intuitive process.
  • Dynamic flyers
    Dynamic flyers are tailored to your customers’ demands in real-time.
  • Publish more frequently
    Dynamic flyers are automatically generated from your product inventory.
  • Real-time and always up-to-date
    Show the latest prices with real-time ecommerce sync and automatically replace out-of-stock products with other products from your inventory.

Increased relevancy

Catalogs can be the Best Expression of Your Brand 
Our solution is easy to integrate with your website and allows for a desktop and mobile shopping experience that shows off your catalogs in the best possible way, guiding your customers from inspiration to purchase.

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Online catalogs yield up to 308% higher conversion than other channels.

With online catalogs we have seen record high customer engagement and sales and we're reaching a wider audience who otherwise wouldn’t receive our catalog.
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Publish Any Content

Publish any content directly to a responsive URL

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Online catalogs worth checking out.